Mill Rolls for Oil Seed

Scherer Inc. manufactures a variety of roll types for the oilseed industry.

We have rolls for many different types of Mill Rolls for soft seed products including soy, sunflower, and the canola industry

Cracking / Dehulling / Flaking

Scherer Inc. has replacement rolls and journals for all major brand cracker, dehulling and flaking mills.

Flaker Mills have two massive rolls spinning in opposite direction at a high rate of speed. These seeds are pulled through, each stretched out and flattened for oil extraction.

Scherer Inc. can provide replacement flaker rolls along with out of mill grinding to true up the existing used rolls.

Scherer Inc. manufactures quality Mill Rolls that  make a consistent flattened product of the seeds also increases surface area for increased exposure to the solvent and seed during the solvent extraction process.

Our Mill Rolls Team

Jake Drahota

Mill Roll Service Manager

Scott Bush

Manager of Sales