Scherer Inc. offers onsite roller mill service along with our roll exchange program to minimize downtime in your feed manufacturing facility. With our roll exchange program, the customer will not have to purchase new manufacture rolls throughout the life of the mill. Replacement rolls will always be provided by Scherer Inc. for every roll exchange.

Our service trucks are stocked with common replacement parts for several makes and models of roller mills so parts can be replaced during site visits. All our service trucks are equipped with cranes, so we don’t interrupt other operations at the facility.

If your facility currently owns extra rollers for your mill, we can provide just the service work of changing the rollers. Rollers will be transported back to our facility to be reconditioned and stored at our facility until your next needed roll change. Roll changes generally take between 6-10 hours depending on the location of the mill within the facility.


We offer roll resharpening of the cast iron style mill roll. Most of these rolls are also called “chilled iron” or “white chilled iron” rolls. If you are performing the roll changes with your own maintenance crew, same day appointments can be made so your rolls will be resharpened in 1 day or less.

Our Mill Rolls Team

Jake Drahota

Mill Roll Service Manager

Scott Bush

Manager of Sales