Roller Mill Maintenance Services

Over the useful life of roller mills, your equipment is likely to experience some deterioration. Some of the wear will be due to normal day-to-day processes whereas others will be due to the conditions to which the equipment is exposed. Whatever the cause, you should retain regular maintenance and repair services for essential reasons:

  • To ensure the smooth running of the business
  • To cut on downtime
  • To extend the machine’s useful life
  • To lower the cost of replacing machines
  • To ensure efficiency in production

How Frequent Should Roller Mill Maintenance Service Be?

Many machine operators do not always know when to service their machines. It is important to note that maintenance services can also depend on many factors. Some of those factors include the following:

  • The model and make of the roller mill determine the service needed
  • The types of products determine the services needed. Abrasive products lead to problems that need frequent servicing compared to soft products
  • The horsepower capacity because machines with less horsepower need less attention and longer intervals between servicing

Why Scherer If You Need Roller Mill Maintenance Services

At Scherer, we offer roller mill maintenance services using our advanced resources. We have out-of-stock bearings, drives, gears, and other replacement parts. We adjust according to our customers’ needs to avoid interruption of their businesses. Our services are flexible, both in-house and onsite, to accommodate our customers. The three main service areas we specialize in include the following:

Roll Resharpening

We have advanced machine-sharpening techniques. We use the techniques to create the perfect blade for roller mills. We understand that blunt blades lead to the use of excessive pressure and cutting issues. Thus, it is our mandate to offer our services that will make production easy and efficient. Resharpening also extends the life of the rolls without needing replacement.

Our resharpening services include:

  • Straightening bent teeth
  • Re-tipping teeth
  • Modifying the tooth grind to meet specific applications

Roll Reconditioning

Our reconditioning services ensure that customer rolls meet their specific maintenance requirements. We disassembled, reconditioned, and then re-assembled the rolls. The goal is to refurbish the existing mills to look and to function as though they are new. Our standard procedure includes these activities:

  • Cleaning and degreasing all parts
  • Resurfacing using an additional coat
  • Regrinding the body surface

Roll Repair

We have the expertise to repair worn-out and damaged parts of the roller mill. We also do custom modifications of the different parts upon the request of the customer.

During an inspection, we are on the lookout for defects and cracks. Upon evaluation, our team recommends the most practical and best repairs possible. We do not proceed to work without the customer’s consent and approval.

For more information on our roller mill maintenance services, contact our team at Scherer Inc. today!