Sudenga Roller Mill Service

About Sudenga Roller Mills

The Sudenga Roller Grinder (RGS-2020) comes in single, double, and triple pair high configurations, with roll gap automation, load compensating controls, and capacities that go up to 48 TPH at 500 microns.

The pocket feeder guarantees even wear on the rolls for less frequent replacement, and has a controllable flow rate with Variable Frequency Drive (VFD).

Roll adjustments are manual or automatic with a single point. Plus, rolls will remain parallel throughout movement. The mill rolls are made of high-quality solid cast chilled iron.

The plate-style magnet prevents metal from getting into the rolls and pulls out to make cleaning much easier.

Roller bearings come in a self-aligning, spherical design. Also features pillow-block housing, an easily accessible grease bank, and quick-detach grease lines for more efficient maintenance.

The inter-drive includes Hi-Power® Dubl-V Belts and high tensile springs.

Maintenance Offered by Scherer Inc.

On-Site Sudenga Roller Mill Service

With our on-site roller mill service and roll exchange program, we can help minimize downtime at your feed manufacturing facility. Our service trucks are equipped with replacement parts for Sudenga roller mills during steel roll changes or manufacture.

Sudenga Roll Sharpening & Reconditioning

We provide roll resharpening and reconditioning for cast iron style mill rolls in Sudenga roll mills. Same-day appointments are available for clients performing their own roll changes, so you can have your rolls resharpened in just one day or less. With seven corrugating machines, we can keep up with all of our customer’s needs with a quick turnaround time.

New Sudenga Mill Rolls

We stock both chilled iron and hardened steel mill rolls that are available in several common sizes and corrugations for many makes and models, including Sudenga.

Benefits of Roller Mill Repair Service

Because of the roller mill’s complex construction, a machine inspection is necessary before maintenance, repair, or overhauling. An experienced team will ensure the best results are achieved, including an extended lifespan, improved speed, and increased production capacity. Roller mill repair is done with special attention paid to those parts that are most prone to wear and tear. Scherer Inc. has been providing roller mill repair service for many years, and they have a team of experienced professionals who are familiar with Sudenga roller mills.

About Scherer Inc.

Scherer Inc. specializes in mill roll and kernel processor production and service, working with large OEMs, distributors, and dealers worldwide. Since 1994, our workforce has expanded to over 71 employees across these two divisions, providing excellent service in mill roll maintenance and kernel processor manufacturing for the cattle feed and soy industries.