Roskamp Roller Mill Service

About CPM Roskamp Roller Mills

The CPM Roskamp Roller Mill is built for even the most demanding of grinding and cracking applications, offering consistent, and uniform grind every time. With roll corrugation and speed that can match any operating condition, these machines can provide maximum performance the entire run during layer mash feed production. Available with 1, 2, and 3 roller pairs. Provides up to 60% energy savings compared to the Hammer Mill.

Current models include 650 Series, 900/999 Series, 1200 Series, and 1600 SEries.

Below are a few standout features of the CPM Roskamp Roller Mill:

Rolls & Shafts

Rolls are made with high-quality, carbon clear chill cast iron. Custom corrugating feature for specific configurations. Chill depth is at least 16mm, or .625 inches.

Roll Adjustment

Machine screw jacks provide accurate gap adjustment and parallelism of the rolls. Rapid roll adjustments are provided by air motors, with a manual hand wheel for precise control.

Inter-Roll Drives

With lower horsepower operations, the V-Belt Inter-Roll Drives offer silent operation. Gear Box Inter-Roll Drives for higher horsepower applications.

CPM Roskamp Maintenance, Service & Replacement from Scherer Inc.

Does your feed manufacturing operation need on-site maintenance for CPM Roskamp roller mills? Our locations in Caldwell, ID, and Tea, SD, offer a complete line of replacement mill rolls, as well as roll sharpening and reconditioning. Our service trucks are fully equipped with compatible replacement parts for your CPM Roskamp machine, and with attached cranes, we won’t disrupt your operations. Give us a call at 1.800.883.9790 for more information!