RMS Roller Mill Service and Maintenance

On-Site Roller Mill Service

At Scherer, we’re happy to provide Caldwell, ID, and Tea, SD, feed manufacturing facilities with excellent roller mill maintenance and roll repair services for your RMS machine. Our service trucks are well-equipped with a comprehensive stock of compatible bearings, belts, rolls, and more. Our knowledgeable team also has decades of combined experience in roll grinding and balancing, as well as shaft repair and replacement. And with our crane-equipped trucks, we can get to work on your machines with interrupting operations.

Roll Exchange Program

With the Scherer roll exchange program, you can save tons of money on mill rolls for your facility and never have to purchase new manufacture rolls for the rest of your RMS machine’s life. Instead, we’ll provide the replacement rolls for every roll exchange.

Roll Sharpening & Reconditioning

Get more out of your RMS mill rolls’ diameter with Scherer’s roll sharpening and reconditioning services. Not only will this save you money in the long run, but we’ll sharpen you rolls to your exact specifications to meet your unique operational needs. Ask about same-day appointments when you’re using your own maintenance crew for roll changes!

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