Lone Star Roller Mill Service and Maintenance

About Lone Star Enterprises Roller Mills

Since 1995, Lone Star Enterprises has provided economical roller-grinder mill solutions for feed manufacturers of all sizes. Their stock of machines include single, double, and triple mills, as well as PTO roller and grinder mills that adapt to all livestock needs.

Lone Star Roller Mill Service & Mill Roll Replacements

If your feed manufacturing facility is located in Caldwell, ID, and Tea, SD, we’re happy to let you know that Scherer Inc. now provides maintenance and mill roll replacement services for Lone Star machines. Whether you own stationary or portable models, we have the parts and equipment in stock for your needs.

On-Site Roller Mill Service

We offer on-site roller mill service to reduce the downtime needed for labor. Never purchase another mill roller for Lone Star machine when you take advantage of our roll exchange program.

Replacing parts is no problem, as our service trucks always have the ones you need during manufacture or the steel roll change process. Our trucks are also equipped with cranes to prevent interruption of your facility’s operations.

Only need help changing out your existing rollers? We can help with that, too! Just let us take it back to our facility for reconditioning, and it’ll be waiting for you until your next scheduled roll change.

Roll Sharpening & Conditioning

We also provide roll resharpening for all cast iron type mill rolls (aka chilled iron rolls). Get a same-day appointment if your in-house maintenance team is performing the roll change.

Mill Roll Replacement

If your Lone Star machine absolutely needs new rolls, we can help with that as well. With a variety of sizes and corrugations, we can provide you with chilled iron and hardened steel mill rolls for all makes and models, including Lone Star.

Ready to learn more? Give us a call at 1.800.883.9790 for more information!