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About Scherer 

Scherer Inc. has been in business since 1994 over that time we have grown to a workforce of over 75 employees and we produce product for 2 different industries. The first is the mill roll division, we specialize in sharpening chilled cast mill rolls for the feed and soy industry. Within this division we produce new rolls for all makes/brands/models of roller mills, sharpen dull rolls, offer onsite service / exchange for feed mills and sell new chilled cast rolls. Within the mill roll division we also produce replacement hardened steel rolls for the cattle feed industry. The second division is the kernel processor division and it was created in 1999 and this division specializes in kernel processors for self-propelled forage harvesters. We work with large OEMs, distributors and dealers worldwide. This product line consists of complete kernel processor systems and replacement rolls for most all kernel processors.

SCHERER INC. SCOPE STATEMENT: The design & manufacture of kernel processors and provider of service in the milling industry.

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